globalVCard App Bewertungen

Terrific app

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Well done!


Great app & so easy to use Love it!


This app is amazing for protecting my identity and an incredibly easy way to pay!

Great App

So cool! Love that I can create virtual credit cards for secure online purchases for my business. Really easy


Love love this app- so easy to use and I can create a card in less than 5 seconds- that all it takes to make sure I'm protected


This is a great app. I love the safety of it being a single use card. It is a quick, safe and easy way to pay with a credit card......and it is cool!

Love this app

Very simple to use. Secure payment on the fly. I create cards and email them. It can't get any easier.


Very easy to use and my manager likes that he can determine what my card creation limits are. The CSI support people were really helpful to show me how to block a card when I accidentally sent it to the wrong customer. Amazing!!!


My friend told me about this app and I showed my boss how it can help protect the business. She had us all download it and now we don't have to wait for our VP to give us his CC number to buy office supplies. This app and the maker CSI can let people have different levels of access and my boss like that!


It's so cool to see your name on a virtual card that you created with controls. I can make it only work for my business travel arrangements and I'm done !


I am always on the go and travel from FBO and have to accommodate last minute purchases my customers request. I usually have to give a cc# over the phone and wasn't always comfortable doing that. Catering using this mobile app makes me not worry anymore.

Account manager

I love this app. When I have last minute sales trips I can upgrade and book my car rental on the way to the airport. The copy credit card number button is really helpful so I don't make a mistake typing all the numbers


Always use this to make purchases online for our office supplies and paying vendors. It's great I can tie a po# and invoice # for easy reconcilliation later


Only mobile payments app that doesn't store any banking info or personal info. It was a little hard to understand the difference between a quick card and vCard but it could vary by user


It's so fast and easy to create a card. It's not worth the risk to put my info out there and this app helps protect it.


easy to use- very flexible and already saw my single use cards prevent being double-charged without my consent. great that it already works at so many locations without specific checkout technology every business owner needs this!

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